Things to Consider After Nose Aesthetics!

It is a process that starts at the awakening stage of the patient after the operation and continues until the 6th month when the edema of the nose is completely regressed.

What to do after surgery

Sleeping at high head (with 2 or 3 pillows): It is enough to be applied for the first 3 days. It ensures that edema and bruises are not excessive and not dispersed. Thus, the final result of the nose is reached in a shorter time and the patient is able to return to social life in a shorter time after the operation.

Ice application: It is enough to apply it for the first three days. It causes less edema and bruising. It reduces pain after surgery, provides early return to social life and helps the nose heal.

Using prescribed drugs as prescribed by the doctor:

Painkiller; it reduces pain while keeping your edema less.

Antibiotic; It prevents the surgical wounds from becoming infected after the operation, protecting your nose and you.

Nasal sprays; It prevents the blood leaking from the wounds formed due to the operation by making a crust and applying it to the wound it makes it easier for you to breathe.

Antibiotic cream; We recommend using it by applying it to the ear litter. It provides wounds to soften and prevents infection.

Anti-edema creams are applied to the edema and bruises that occur around the eyes without being missed into the eye.

When can the shower be taken after the surgery?

On the 2nd day after the surgery, you can take a shower and go out.


If the tampon is used in the surgery on the 3rd day after the surgery, the tampons must be removed by your doctor. Tampons can be removed between 3-7 days.


It is time to remove the bandage placed on the nose on the 7th day and it is suitable to be taken by your doctor. After the bandage is removed, the nose is wrapped again with special tapes to prevent the spread of edema and helps it taking its final shape. These tapes remain in the nose for 2 weeks and are then removed by your doctor or the patient himself.

Nose massage?

The most important part after the surgery is “massage application”. After removing the tapes on the nose, massage begins as your doctor shows you. The form of massage may differ in each patient. So, the massage is not as others say, but as your doctor shows you.

If massage is not done after surgery?

Remember, In this healing process we are reshaping bones and cartilage in nose surgery. That is why the first 1 month massage is so important. Even if we correct a curved nose completely in the operation, the nose tries to recover. You should do your massage completely and without fear, as recommended by your doctor who knows your nose better than you. 

Attention to the first month after nose aesthetics!

Do not use glasses for the first 1 month: Even if it is light, it causes the bones to slip when used for a long time. It prevents the edema from regressing homogeneously.

Things to take care of after the operation with 1 month: Especially the first 1 month we should be very careful in terms of small impacts and touches. You should always be aware of this issue. Remember that you have been through an operation and the shape of your nose may be damaged by blows.

Final result after nose aesthetics

Between 1-6 months: This period is the period when bones heal and edema of soft tissue is discarded. It is the period when patiently the final shape of the nose is expected to take a place. It is very important for the patient to be patient for the final result in this period.
Because the initial swelling can be frustrating for patients. It should not be forgotten that in this period, edema will regress and your nose will look better.

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