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      The surgery is performed on patients who want to have a nice and fit body the idea of the surgery liposuction in tummy and belly taking out extra fats in the tummy trying to obtain a muscle look with the remaining fats.

      In men, the fats specially in the tummy and belly region are the reason why they have to wear a larger size in clothes like pants and shirts. Not being able to wear what you want to. Despite doing sports and going on diets sometimes they still cant reach the harmony in the body they wish for. We highly recommend six packs surgery in this type of patients accoring to its successful results.
      Extra fats in surgery are taken out of body and the normal fats being used in shaping the body.

      it tries to obtain an image as if it had muscles. re-cuts an amount of fats to reflect the image of abdominis muscle on the skin. the image that we obtained with the required six packs surgery is not muscles, but it gives a muscle appearance
      and our patients better support this surgery with sports afterwards.
      When liposuction and sports are combined, the resuls are exacly as we wish for. We all start to do sports, but many of us give up on a half way. We believe that it is right to support with liposuction at a stage. We do speak with our patients before operating about their old diet and old habits, after surgery we explain the diet and sports practices we recommend.

      Surgery is made under general anesthesia. Operating period changes from the person average is 3 hours together. For taking out extra fats during surgery cuts are made about 5 mm length in the skin. The long rods are dispensed by giving the fat in the shape. After surgery we provide drain tubes to be used to prevent blood and liquid. These drain tube’s average usage after surgery with 4 days. Providing patients after surgery special corsets supporting for their body shaping
      it is used for 2 months after surgery. Payment is normal. After surgery we recommend starting the walk from the first day. We recommend waiting for 1 month to start heavy sports. This time for the final result, we will see 6 months after. We have diet and sports recommendations to our patients.

      Techniques used: Vaser liposuction and power assisted liposuction combination.


      Adress: Atakent, 4. Cd. No:36, 34307 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul Floor -1, 34203 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul

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