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      The nose is located in the center of the face it determines the aesthetics of the face. It is necessary to plan the nose aesthetic surgery individually. In order to reveal the beauty of our eyes, eyebrows, lips and chin, we need to have an ideal sized and shaped nose. A large, low-end nose camouflages the beauty of these features, disrupting the overall harmony of the face. When planning a nose aesthetic surgery, it should be taken into consideration with the other features
      of the face and after a detailed examination, the new nose shape should be discussed with the patient at the decision stage.
      The nose is the name of a general organ, but each nose differs in itself. In aesthetic nose surgeries, many factors such as:
      the thickness of the nose skin
      the shape and thickness of the cartilage
      the low end part
      the size of the tip
      the asymmetry of the bone forming the tip
      should be taken into consideration and the reshaping should be done without
      disturbing the dynamics of the nose itself.
      In New nose required after the operation; There should be a nose with corrected flaws, resolved breathing problems, and natural look should exist.

      Anesthesia: general anesthesia

      Technique: open or closed technique

      Duration of operation: 2-4 hours

      Age: over 18 years old

      Hospitalization: 1 night


      Will I have pain?

      One of the most common surgeries today is nasal aesthetics. For this reason, new and comfortable surgical instruments have been developed with the help of us doctors. These tools not only shorten the operation time, but also provide great convenience to the surgeon and increase the success of the operation. As a result, the patient’s postoperative comfort is much better and there is almost no pain at all.

      When will my Drain Tube be pulled, will there be pain when pulling?

      In fact, the term drain tube is a term that should not be used in today’s nose surgeries. The process of insertion of a plastic tube through the nose in order to remove wastes is not anymore an option for nose surgeries. Nowadays new generation products that meet the same purpose are made of a slippery silicone. This material is hollow and does not prevent breathing after surgery. While it is a slippery silicone material, it does not cause any pain like old-style drain tube.

      When will my swelling come down?

      It is normal to have swelling and bruises around the eyes for the first 2-3 days after the operation. From the 3rd day, swelling begins to regress. Swelling or bruises around the eyes completely disappear within 10 days approximately. The duration and severity of these swellings and bruises are different in everyone, but these swellings and bruises are all temporary. 80% of the edema in the nose decreases in the first month. But it is necessary to wait 6-12 months to see the final result of the nose.

      Will my breathing problem be solved at the same time?

      It is very important to reveal the main problem causing breathlessness in preoperative examination. For example, it should be said that the problem will not be solved even if aesthetic nose surgery is performed in a patient who has periodic shortness of breath due to allergies. If there is a narrowing in the air passage depending on the size of the structures we call the cartilage curvature or the concha in the nose, this problem is very easy to be solved during the operation and the result makes the patient very happy.


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