Piezo Nasal Aesthetics with no need to break the nasal bone

The difference between piezo rhinoplasty and classical rhinoplasty is the materials used in bone shaping in surgery.
The materials we use to shape bone in classical nose aesthetics are sharp metals. With the help of a hammer, bones are broken and shaped. In Piezo nose aesthetics, these materials are not used and this work is done with the Piezo device. This device, which we use during the surgery, enables the bones to be cut just like a paper with ultrasonic sound waves. These bone specific sound waves does not damage the soft tissues and skin. Using this device bones cannot be shaped in undesirable. Nose with a flatter surface and no bone protrusion can be obtained. Since a controlled bone shaping is performed, the complication rate decreases and the possibility of a 2nd surgery (revision nose aesthetic) decreases. Soft tissues will not hurt.
In this case, postoperative bleeding, edema and bruising are much less than classic nose aesthetics and the nose recovers much more quickly. Return to social life takes place in a shorter period of time after surgery. Nose aesthetics with piezo device are preferred and used by plastic surgeons because of these features.

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