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      Increasing the amount of male breast tissue and / or fat over time and breast growth is called gynecomastia. Obesity may occur due to hormonal disorders, drug use and systemic diseases. It can be single-sided or double-sided. Breast enlargement during infancy and adolescence is completely physiological and will regress spontaneously. However, it is a good idea to see a plastic surgeon when this problem is encountered at the age of 18. In the examination, it is absolutely necessary to request breast ultrasound from every patient whose decision we make for breast size, to reveal the reason for the growth in the breast and to establish the treatment protocol on that information. With liposuction, which is the simplest technique in the treatment, the fat and breast tissue inside are completely removed and after 1 month corset application, this disease can be saved.


      Will growth in my breasts regress spontaneously if I do sports?

      Yes, gynecomastia decreases after slimming and sports, but it does not disappear completely. In this case, resistant to sports and diet, surgical treatment should be considered.

      Will there be a scar on my breast?

      If treatment with liposuction method is performed, there will be approximately 3 mm scar under both breasts. However, in patients with an advanced sagging, more marks may remain in the breast than the technique applied.


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