Get ready for summer with liposuction!

As the winter ends, we start to slowly take off our clothes. In the winter, we’re all covered up hiding our entire body with our clothes, but this gets harder as summer approaches. We do not refrain from eating in the winter, we start diet and sports for summer preparation.
Despite sports and diet, fats may not go away in some parts of our body or it will go very hard. Plastic and plastic surgeons’ doors are knocked to get rid of excess oil in these areas.
The main reason that brings you to us should be oils that do not go despite sports and diet, or liposuction is not the right choice for losing weight.
Liposuction is a general name for the degreasing process. There are many surgical techniques and materials used. My own preference is the process of removing the melted fats with power asisted liposuction after melting the fats with vaser device.

I use two devices during my operations. One of them is the Vaser device and the other is power asisted liposuction.
Vaser device: a miracle device that aims to melt fat only with ultrasonic sound waves. Thus, we have taken the first step to get the oils without waves, that is, homogeneously.
Power asisted liposuction: My second device. It is a device that allows the fat dissolved with vibrating cannulas to be absorbed from the body in a shorter time. Thus, with the combination of these two devices, it is much easier to get the maximum oil and reach the desired shape.
Obtaining the desired amount and shape of the oil is of course not sufficient for the success of the total result. For a better result, corset usage and massage application is required for the first 2 months after surgery. After removing the subcutaneous adipose tissue, corset should be used to prevent the skin from sagging and adhering to the muscle component underneath. Massage is required to increase the circulation of the seated skin and to better adhere to the tissue under it. Diet and sports should be done in the first trimester and surgical procedures should be supported.
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