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      In the facial anatomy, the area between the eyebrow and scalp is called ‘forehead’. The length of the forehead in the human body is 5.7 cm. This distance may be larger in some people, and this gives an undesired appearance that disrupts facial harmony. The most effective surgical method to get rid of this condition is forehead reduction surgery.

      Forehead reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes approximately 1.5 hours. Before the operation, the necessary measurements are done and how many cm of skin will be removed from the forehead is determined by the patient, and the drawings are done. An average of 1.5-2 cm of skin can be removed from the area. The incision is made in zigzag shape around the hairline. The incision will be hidden under the hair follicles. the marked skin section is removed , the skin is sutured aesthetically.

      Bandages and ice are applied for 2 days after the operation. After 1 night of hospitality, discharge is planned. It is normal to have edema in the forehead region for the first 1 week. This edema resolves within 1 month. After the operation, the shower can be entered on the 2nd day and social activities can be started. With creams and anti-scar creams for wound healing after surgery; the wound is healed quickly and with less scars. Although this trace is obvious in the first 1-2 months, it becomes invisible within 1 year. If patients still want this scar to disappear totally, hair transplantation can be done on that thin line to ensure that it does not appear anymore.


      It is a surgical procedure that we do in cases where the forehead looks small, especially when viewed from the side profile. The aim is to highlight the forehead and grow it up, thus giving a more aesthetic appearance to the face harmonic.

      The fat tissue required to enlarge the forehead is taken from the fat tissue located in the inner part of the belly and thighs. An average of 40% of the adipose tissue injected into the forehead is absorbed by the body and the remaining is 60% of adipose tissue. Since we anticipate this situation, we make a little injection of adipose tissue in the surgery. Therefore, the first 1 month may seem as if it is too swollen, this is normal. The duration of the procedure is approximately 1 hour. Discharge is planned after 1 night of hospitalization. It is normal to have edema for the first 1 month. It is necessary to wait 6 months for the final result.

      Forehead enlargement with fat injection can be repeated when needed. It is a permanent operation.


      Depending on the amount of decrease in the elasticity of the skin as it ages ; skin thinning and wrinkles starts appearing by time. The most affected area by this situation is the forehead region. Therefore, the horizontal lines in the forehead are defined as marks of old age. This situation can be disappointing especially for women.

      This problem can be solved with the application of botulinum toxin. These wrinkles can be temporarily eliminated with this product, which is obtained from the bacteria named Clostridium Botulinum It paralyzes the muscles in the face temporarily through its active ingredient

      A certain amount of botulinum toxin is injected into certain areas and in the forehead. Depending on the patient’s desire, eyebrows are raised and more live looks can be obtained. This process takes about 5 minutes and the duration of action is 4-6 months.


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