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      The upper eyelid skin differs from a patient to another depending on genetics and age where, excess in thickness and flabbiness of skin occurs. In this case it makes the patient gives an impression of being tired or sleepy.

      Upper Eyelid aesthetic is applicable for patient that got this complaint. The operation is for 18+ patients it can be done under general or local anesthesia. It takes about an hour.

      The Aim of the operation is the Removal of The excess in skin, muscles and fat tissues if available, giving a younger and more lively look. After removing the excess in skin it gets sutured with aesthetic stitches which are removed after one week. For 2 weeks time having swellings and some bruises is normal. The final results can be seen after at least 3 months or more.


      Genetic traits and age sometimes are the reason behind eye bagsand bruises in the lower eyelid. This makes the patient looks tired and older.

      The operation takes place under general anesthesia and it takes about 1 hour. There are 2 techniques for the operation. If the patient doesn’t have excess in skin, then the fats under the eye are redistributed filling the empty pits obtaining a lively look, this technique doesnt leave any trace. In case the patient got excess in skin then the cut in skin will be right under eyelashes where excess in skin and eye-bags are removed. This technique in the beginning may leave trace but it heals by time.


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